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  • Words Matter

    As parents and even teachers, it can be easy to default to certain phrases that we heard as children. Research has shown over the years that words truly matter and some slight changes can completely change the outcome that we’re looking for. Here are some examples. Instead of: Try: “Be quiet”    “Can you use a […]

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  • Make the Most of this Time of Year

    Summer is a great time to enrich and enhance student learning in a fun way. Parents can plan small, inexpensive or free outings in and around East Guernsey that will allow students to expand their knowledge and pique curiosity. Parks and nature preserves serve as excellent outdoor classrooms where children can learn and explore. Children […]

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  • Sleep and Learning

            Many studies have been done that link sleep and learning. Researchers have found that well-rested minds are able to learn more easily and retain more information. So, how much sleep does your child need?         1-3 years old            12-14 Hours per day         3-6 years old            10-12 Hours per day         7-12 […]

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