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HENRY DEEDES: Theresa May (pictured) tried her best to hold it together. But in the end it was all too much. Officially, the Prime Minister resigned yesterday morning at 10.05am. But those watching her announcement will have realised that it was actually an eviction that had been set in motion many weeks ago. To many on her own side, she had already long outstayed her welcome. For Theresa May, it was never meant to turn out this way. In her mind, she wanted to be the person who would unite her party, free Britain from the shackles of Brussels and lead us all into a sparkling future.

Student, 23, was 'gang-raped by at least two men in portaloos at St Andrews charity

A 23-year-old student has claimed she was 'gang-raped' by at least two men after they forced her into a portaloo and had sex with her at the same St Andrews charity fashion show where Kate Middleton caught Prince William's eye 16 years earlier (Top). The young woman, who also alleges two other men assaulted her, said she was too drunk to consent at the time. The Don't Walk Fashion Show happens every year at the University (Bottom). Her alleged attackers were men contracted in to work at the show, which is not run by the university. The complainant, who called police the day after the attack, said she now regrets coming forward following a vitriolic backlash on social media.

Gretchen (pictured today) is the author of Secrets Of A Stewardess: Flying The World In The 1980s

Gretchen Ryan joined South African Airways in 1983, when she was 22, and was with the airline for ten years. She reveals some of the extraordinary sights she saw during that time.

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Dr Keith Wolverson, 52, is now facing an inquiry from the General Medical Council for asking a Muslim woman to lift her veil at his Royal Stoke University hospital walk-in.

The Queen is said to be 'deeply upset' after loyal her loyal housekeeper, Annette Wilkin, died suddenly of a short illness aged 72. She served for 40 years at Windsor Castle.

At least 13 people including an eight-year-old girl were wounded in the suspected terrorist attack in Lyon today, with police hunting a man in his 30s seen placing a bag on the ground moments before.

The Spice Girls girls hit the wrong note: Furious fans complain the sound is so bad they can't HEAR the band and some even WALK OUT after paying £146 for tickets to the first date of their reunion tour

The Spice Girls have kicked off their long-awaited reunion tour, as the iconic band took to the stage for their first performance in Dublin on Friday. Emma Bunton, 43, Geri Horner, 46, Mel Brown, 43, and Mel C, 45, delighted the crowd of around 58,000 fans with a medley of their greatest hits, and Ginger Spice even paid homage to her iconic Union Jack dress with a red and blue Renaissance-style gown. While many fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about attending the concert, others were quick to share their disappointment, as sound problems inside the stadium meant they were unable to hear the show.  

Geri Horner, 46, and Mel B, 43, laughed off claims that they were at loggerheads on Friday, as they took to the stage to perform on the first night of the Spice Girls reunion tour.

Mel C, 45, also known as Sporty Spice, flaunted her healthy and strong figure as she took to the stage with Geri Horner, 46, Mel B, 43, and Emma Bunton, 43, at Croke Park in Dublin on Friday night.

Meghan's mission to be Made In Chelsea: Was marrying Harry a happy coincidence?

Not long before she was introduced to her Prince, you could find her cosying up to a male model on the red carpet, flirting on social media with a former X Factor winner and deliberating whether to go on a date with footballer Ashley Cole (top right). Of course, hanging out with D-listers was never really going to be the right fit for ambitious and sophisticated Meghan Markle. But her determination to climb the celebrity ladder - and to jettison anyone who did not fit into the parameters of her new persona - provides a fascinating insight into Meghan's mindset. Pictured: Model Oliver Cheshire and Meghan on the red carpet in 2013 (left); Meghan riding bikes with her once close friend Millie Mackintosh; Meghan being interviewed by Lizzie Cundy in 2013, the presenter says the Duchess 'ghosted' her; Meghan complimented x Factor winner Matt Cardle (bottom right).

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who sealed their blossoming romance with a trip to Botswana, are firming up plans to return to Africa.

Prince Harry will join the Queen at Buckingham Palace for a private lunch with Donald Trump on the first day of his state visit to the UK, but Meghan looks set to dodge the visit.

Who IS the favourite to become the next PM? We analyse the race for No 10

Who's in the lead? Here the Daily Mail analyses the race for Number 10 from Brexiteers (left) to Remainers (right). Boris Johnson is in the lead with odds 5/4, but he will need to secure sufficient support from Tory MPs to make it to the final round. Coming up behind him is Dominic Raab with 6/1 odds, followed by Environment Secretary Michael Gove. Languishing at the bottom of the pile are Sir Graham Brady and No Deal obsessive Steve Baker, both with odds 100/1.

AMANDA PLATELL: Don, 81, wasn't wearing his uniform - the red beret and insignia of the elite airborne infantry regiment of the British Army.

At the end of the speech announcing she would step down on June 7 Theresa May broke down in tears as she talked about her pride at having been Prime Minister since 2016.


She delivered 1,000 words in a little under six-and-a-half minutes in the gently warming spring sunshine in Downing Street this morning to bring a close to her leadership after less than three years.

Tory favourite says it's time to put Brexit to bed and we WILL have left by October 31

Setting out his pitch to be leader just hours after Theresa May announced her departure (pictured), the UK's former foreign secretary said it was time to 'put Brexit to bed'. Mr Johnson is the early favourite to take over, but he faces a mounting 'Stop Boris' campaign from MPs who oppose him. At an economic conference in Switzerland, he yesterday ruled out any further delays beyond the end of October, when the latest extension is due to expire. He said: 'We will leave the EU on October 31, deal or no deal.' But Mr Johnson risks creating a hostage to fortune because he could be forced to call a general election to deliver on his promise. Dominic Grieve yesterday threatened that he and other Tory MPs could help sink a Johnson-led government that pursued No Deal.

SIMON WALTERS: After acknowledging the UK former foreign secretary's charisma and campaigning skills make him the obvious favourite, there follow a rueful sigh and the word 'but.'

Brussels last night warned that whoever replaces Theresa May would not be able to make changes to her Brexit deal. EU leaders agreed that the chances of a No Deal Brexit had now dramatically increased.

PETER OBORNE: This weekend, Theresa May faces a problem that many of us in our early 60s are obliged to confront. She suddenly faces being dumped on the professional scrapheap.

JAN MOIR: At first, she was valiant, then that voice faltered. But did Mrs May show

No, no, please don't cry. Not now. Anything but that. For most of her resignation speech outside Downing Street, Theresa May managed to keep it together. Her diction was crisp, her delivery was brisk, her manner was forthright, almost valiant. She was all business, as usual. For three winters and four summers, for over a thousand days in office, her troubled premiership has been marked by an absence of emotion that had something of the polar freeze about it. And then when the thaw finally came, it was terrible to behold.

Theresa May that she would resign as Tory leader on June 7 and while her name will forever be linked to Brexit, here we illustrate some of the highs - and lows - in the life of Theresa May.

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: Friendless. Tortured. Mrs May's political tragedy was like no other

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: The story of almost every modern premiership can be told as a two- act tragedy. Act One. A car sweeps into Downing Street and out climbs the hero of the hour. Wreathed in smiles, a picture of confidence and vigour, the new master (or mistress) of British politics walks to the microphone, delivers a few inspirational soundbites and steps inside the famous black door. Act Two. The door opens, and our hero re-emerges. But now the face is pale and haggard, the eyes puffy, the voice weary and disappointed. The long struggle for survival is over. The torture chamber has claimed its latest victim.

Conservative leadership candidates (Jeremy Hunt pictured) lined up to laud Theresa May's dignity and sense of duty - despite spending the previous weeks doing their best to unseat her.

RUTH DAVIDSON: This rare insight into the pain she was suffering belied the resilience, tenacity and sense of duty that she had exhibited each of every other day she's served as British Prime Minister.

Yoga instructor, 35, is found alive after going missing for two weeks while hiking in

Yoga instructor, Amanda Eller (left, on Friday with rescue crews), 35, has been found alive, Hawaii officials said Friday. Eller went missing on May 8 while hiking in the Makawao Forest Reserve trail in Maui. On Friday evening, helicopter search crews found Eller lying in a stream bed. The rescuers spotted Eller from the helicopter around 5pm local time. Officials said she was not injured but she did have a bit of sunburn. 'We found her in a stream bed, she was waving up at us while we were in the helicopter, and we got her out nice and safe,' Chris Berquist said.

This week Bel advises a mother whose lover's teenage daughter is driving a wedge between them.

Amal Clooney is working with 23-year-old Nadia Murad, who says she was captured by ISIS fighters and sold as a sex slave in 2014. She hopes to bring the case to the Hague.

Illegitimate son of an aristocrat raised in gypsy caravans inherits £50MILLION manor

Jordan Adlard Rogers, 31 (pictured right with his partner Katie and their son Joshua), discovered he was the illegitimate son of late aristocrat Charles Rogers. Last August he discovered he was the heir to a £50million Penrose manor in Cornwall (centre inset). His late father, Charles Rogers (bottom right) was the last in line of an illustrious family, who have lived in the grade II-listed home since 1771. His mother Julie Adlard (top right) was 18 when she met Charles Rogers, 31, at the common in Porthleven. Although hailing from different worlds, they struck up a rapport and started a relationship.

Greybull Capital, which oversaw the demise of Monarch, Comet and now British Steel, gives every impression of wanting to remain anonymous. Its HQ in London's Knightsbridge doesn't have a name-plate

The 78-year-old is said to prefer the anonymity life in the Big Apple can offer him after the media storm surrounding baseless accusations of historic child sex abuse.

JAN MOIR reviews Spice Girl Reunion Tour debut in Dublin

JAN MOIR: Is it time to address the invisible Posh-shaped elephant in the room? For the Spice Girls are back together but not quite. Four of them were giving it their all onstage last night, but Posh Spice was missing. Victoria Beckham declined to take part in the tour because do you know what? She wants a reunion like she wants a new bunion. It is a shame, because darling Posh just does not know what she is missing. The Spices have tried reunion tours before, but this time they seem to have crested the nostalgia wave at its peak. If Croke Park is anything to go by, the affection and love that this pop group still command is something to marvel at and cherish.

The Spice Girls have kicked off the preparations for their long-awaited reunion tour, as they are set to take to the stage for their first performance in Dublin on Friday.

New letter exposes Consuelo Vanderbilt of Blenheim and calls her husband's heirs into

A never-before published letter details how Consuelo (left) told the Duke (bottom right with a friend and Consuelo), just a few years into their marriage, that she was deeply in love with New York socialite Winthrop Rutherford (inset). The letter overturns the shockingly dishonest account of the marriage that Consuelo gave in her memoir, The Glitter And The Gold. The Duke, for his part, was also in love with someone else, but married Consuelo, with the approval of his family, because they were on their uppers and the vast income the marriage guaranteed meant that Blenheim (top right) would be saved for future generations. The union was a disaster and the couple, who had two sons, separated after 11 years.

Kanye West claims in his forthcoming appearance on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman that wearing a MAGA hat was 'not about politics' but to the break the Donald Trump stigma.

Six children are taken to hospital as police cordon off primary school

Two boys aged 13 and 14 have died after a 'police incident' at a house in Sheffield this morning while police have arrested a 37-year-old man and 34-year-old woman on suspicion of murder. Four other children remain in hospital including a seven-month-old baby. An air ambulance landed at a nearby school which has been cordoned off by officers. Worried residents gathered in nearby roads as police and forensics teams swarmed the scene (pictured). Witnesses also said they saw 'two children being taken out of a home in bandages' and being put into a road ambulance and claimed the pair had been poisoned.

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: I spent a summer holiday working in a nursing home, where I saw elderly people, many of whom had dementia, being treated in utterly sickening ways.

From Daniel's sore ankle to a #MeToo backlash, a string of disasters has stirred trouble

Daniel Craig (left and bottom right) is making is feelings known as he joins with director Cary Joji Fukunaga (bottom right) along with (left to right, top right) Lea Seydoux, Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Lashana Lynch while Phoebe Waller-Bridge (bottom) is gold dust.

The number of visits to the UK from overseas fell by 3 per cent in 2018 compared with the year before - dropping by 1.3 million to 37.9 million - even though the value of the pound was low.

Palm trees could start growing wild in the UK due to climate change. The Chinese windmill palm has already been reported by gardeners to have 'self-seeded' in the Great British countryside.

Amir Khan poses with wife Faryal Makhdoom amid new family feud claims

Following the tell-all interview with MailOnline, the I'm A Celebrity star was spotted attending a fundraising event with his wife glamorous wife Faryal Makhdoom. The couple put on a loved-up display at the annual Iftar at The Savoy fundraiser hosted by One Family, in partnership with Hemraj Goyal Foundation and Eighteen Pakistan.

It is well known that people who sleep fewer than five hours a night can expect memory problems but a UCL study found the same effects in those who get a healthy-sounding nine hours a night.

Michelle Bourke, 58, has taken the lifesize effigy of husband Paul all around the world to places like the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge.

Shocking moment a vigilante chases down two thieves and beats them with a pipe on a busy London street before they speed off in a getaway car

Shocking footage shows a shirted man chasing after a hooded thug outside Aldgate East Station, Whitechapel High st where he screams at the thug and hits him repeatedly with a pipe-like object before the thug escapes in a silver BMW car. Along with three others, the shirted man gives chases to the car down the high street.

Heterosexual women narrowly edge out straight men to take the top spot in a 'happiness ranking' analysis conducted by scientists at Swansea Univeristy.

Manorbier Castle in Pembrokeshire has a cottage tucked inside its Norman walls. The Daily Mail's Harry Mount first holidayed there as a child and says it hasn't changed.

Prisoner is met by entourage after being released from jail before hopping into a

The supposed ex-prisoner, who walked free in a grey tracksuit ensemble and clutching a clear bag of his possessions, grinned from ear to ear as his mates slapped him on the back and embraced him (left). High-fives were exchanged (bottom right) before the unknown man posed in front of a camera-phone outside Standford Hill Prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent before hopping into the backseat of the exclusive Rolls Royce (top right). To the backdrop of the jail Category D prison, they all laughed and took pictures with the former inmate under blue skies this afternoon.

Rachel Riley is pregnant! Countdown star  expecting her first child with Pasha Kovalev

Rachel Riley has announced that she's pregnant and expecting her first child with partner Pasha Kovalev in December.  The Countdown star, 33, who is roughly two to three months gone, took to Instagram to reveal the news as she used the Channel 4 setting as a fun backdrop.  Posing in front of a board of letters, which spelt out 'r tiny mate', which is an anagram for 'maternity', she placed her hands on her blossoming baby bump. 

UK universities that offer so-called Mickey Mouse courses could have their fees slashed to £7,500. A government review is set to recommend the change for courses with low economic returns.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag is set to receive a French remake. Writer and Director Jeanne Herry has adapted it and the scene-by-scene remake will air on French TV from June 3.

Andrew Epp, 36, was found dead last Saturday, less than 24 hours after his chocolate colored lab, Java, was killed by a reptile at Dog Leg Park in Palmetto.

Owners of the religious tourist destination in Williamstown, Kentucky, say heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on their access road, leading to nearly $1 million in damage.



As the Government tries to shrink portion sizes we prove who really is the Lord of the

Who really serves the best fries? The Daily Mail's Etan Smallman headed out onto the high street to try chips from 10 different restaurants to find out which gives you the most chips. McDonald's (top left) serves a reasonable 48 chips per medium fries portion, one more than KFC (top right) which served 47. Leon (Bottom left) served the least fries in its portion with a paltry 12 while Burger Kind (Top centre) served 61, local shop London Best Kebab (Bottom right) served 92 and Byron chips (Centre bottom) served the most at 98.

The youngster, named locally as Leo Latifi, was seriously injured at Great Baddow High School in Chelmsford, Essex, last night. He was taken to hospital where he later died.

The tech giant signed an agreement this week with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a UK watchdog, that it would be 'clearer and more upfront' with users in the future.

George, six, has been at the school for two years while his sister - who was four on May 2 - has attended Willcocks Nursery in Kensington since last January.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson of Anderton Park primary in Birmingham, heaped pressure on rallying parents to end their weeks of demonstrations by threatening to bring a legal case against them.

Scotland Yard aims to prosecute more than 1,100 Extinction Rebellion activists arrested during protests that brought parts of London to a standstill last month including Oxford Street.

Heathrow passengers will face a £15 surcharge if they arrive in old cars as part of plans to improve air quality. The low emission zone, the first of its kind at an airport, will be introduced in 2022.

Kate's Chelsea Flower Show children's garden CAN be built for almost £1,000 

Antonia Hoyle and her two children, from Belmesthorpe, Stamford, attempted to recreate the Duchess of Cambridge's Cheslea Flower Show children's gardens. Her son Felix and daughter Rosie even dressed up as Prince George and Princess Charlotte for the trial. The several gardens include a £60 den (left), a £325 rope swing, a £459 treehouse (right) and a £124 pond decking. Unveiling her work at the Chelsea Flower Show this week, Kate, 37, said: 'I really feel that nature and being interactive outdoors has huge benefits on our physical and mental well-being, particularly for young children.'

The rules were posted to US-based Facebook page 'That's it, I'm wedding shaming', by an anonymous guest who revealed it had been posted to a wedding planning group.

Decorated army veteran Sgt Major Bill Bielby, 35, who served in Afghanistan, killed himself after he was accused of sexual assault. Father-of-two was found in his flat at Beachley Barracks, Wales.

Moment hatchet-wielding robber drops to his knees and apologises before fleeing after cashier at US store calmly pulls out a handgun

Police released surveillance footage on Friday of the April 28 attempted robbery that took place around 1am at an Oak Grove Plaid Pantry in Portland, Oregon. The video shows a mask-wearing robber pacing on the sidewalk outside of the store before entering and approaching the counter. He pulls a hatchet out of his pocket as he confronts the cashier on duty. Seconds later, the clerk calmly pulls a handgun and aims it at the robber.

A group of 18 migrants - including children - crammed on a small inflatable boat have been picked up off the Kent coast today by border force. They were taken to shore at Dover.

Jane Callaghan, 48, told a Portsmouth inquest in to her former partner's death she was being hounded on social media. She also said Steve Dymond, 63, was a 'monster' and a 'liar' but did not deserve to die.

Ryan O'Carroll, 25, was fatally injured as he camped illegally with his 11-year-old brother and wife Stephanee Leal-Sanchez at the 250 acre Tehidy Country Park on August 10 last year.

Former army officer Mark Norbury appeared at Newcastle Crown Court as he dismissed the claims of Carl Beech, 51, who alleges he was smuggled into the top security HQ of UK Land Forces.

Shocking moment a VERY feisty 11-year-old girl PUNCHES a robber who tries to steal her mother's scooter and sends him running for his life in Argentina

A young girl attacked a man and sent him running scared as he tried to steal her mother's scooter in Argentina. Surveillance camera captured the heroic moment the 11-year-old girl sprung into action in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Zárate at 9.30pm on Wednesday. The child is shown on the footage standing atop the building entrance steps when a man came running from across the street and forcefully attempted to push the girl's mother off the moped.

Former cycling champion Lance Armstrong has said he 'wouldn't change a thing' about the doping that led to him being stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles.

Vincent Sparkes, 39, was convicted today at Swindon Crown Court for the 76th time in 25 years. He was jailed for four years and two months after targeting a man's house in broad daylight.

A bark shield dated by radiocarbon to the iron age between 395-255BC has been reconstructed and analysed by researchers at University of York.

In the video posted online, self-help guru Tony Robbins can be seen dancing and singing on stage during one of his seminars in the 1980s as he repeatedly uses the racial slur.

The diner, from Brooklyn, said staff at the DK Oyster restaurant, in Mykonos, refused to give them menus then surprised them with a huge bill which included $661.41 for six plates of calamari.

Zakir Musa, a top militant commander linked to al Qaida, was killed on Thursday evening by Government forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir during a counter-insurgency operation.

Marvel at these costumes! Thousands of cosplay fans descend on London for Comic Con 

Another year, another chance to unleash your inner super-hero or villain as the Comic Con comes to town once again drawing thousands. Held at the London ExCel centre in Canning Town east London the event offers cosplayers, movie buffs, comic fans, families, gamers, collectors and anime enthusiasts the chance to meet with movie cast members, authors and directors. Pictured: Loki and Thor put their differences aside and attend the convention together (left); Edward and Edwina Scissor hands attend (inset top); Donald Trump, the only non-fictional character to debut (inset bottom); A Spider man comically dressed in an Uncle Ben's rice packet (right).

Dr Orlando Doehring, 36, and wife Dr Zichen Xue, 37, stole the goods on March 16. Xue, who claimed she doesn't remember her time in Harrods, was seen putting products into a pushchair.

Rebecca Chisholm, 24, was working in Dubai as a secondary school teacher when she was involved in a serious horse riding accident, suffering multiple skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

Revolutionary new edible food coating will stop bananas going mouldy and veg shrivelling

Fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for up to three times longer thanks to a new 'natural and edible' coating hailed as a breakthrough against food waste. It is made from plant-derived materials found in seeds and fruit pulp and forms a natural oxygen barrier preventing everything from bananas to avocados from decaying so quickly. The coating also means fresh produce can be sold by supermarkets without the need for plastic, which could remove millions of tonnes of waste packaging.

The 85 million American families that have pets are at a greater risk of developing IBS than are non-animal lovers, according to new East Tennessee State University research.

Stephen Hsu, co-founder of Genomic Prediction at Michigan State University, insists that, while it is currently not allowed in many countries including the US and the UK, we will soon come around.

Elliott Mellor, from Oldham, believed to be his early 20s, is a maths student at Manchester Met university, and he's been breaking records since last Thursday, including the highest-ever score.

A 36-year-old photographer and her boyfriend visited a mysterious abandoned village known as Hormicedo in Castile and León and reported paranormal activities.

JENNI MURRAY finds out if any of us could really love a robodog

Jenni Murray finds out if robodogs can be loved like real dogs. She purchased an electronic dog named Chip (left) for £200 from Hong Kong based company WowWee. Made using the latest technology, they are being hailed as the perfect 'pets' for older people unable to cope with a real animal after a study by the University of Exeter found that in some homes for the elderly, residents found robot companions life-enhancing. Jenni, who owns three chihuahuas (pictured right), writes: 'A real dog knows if you're happy or sad and tries to fit your mood'.

US actress Pamela Anderson (pictured after visiting Assange at Belmarsh Prison on May 7), who struck up an unlikely friendship with Assange, said 'more people should be proud of him'.

WikiLeaks said Sajid Javid was under 'enormous pressure to protect the rights of the free press in the UK and elsewhere' after its founder was hit with new charges by the US Department of Justice.

Ten staff members have been arrested in connection with alleged abuse of patients at Whorlton Hall hospital following a BBC Panorama documentary, Durham Police have said.

The City of London today announced its plans to instigate a 15mph speed limit in the area. The Square Mile is a historic financial district, home to both the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.

Facebook is said to be having a go at cryptocurrencies

Facebook has been in contact with regulators with the hopes of debuting its own cryptocurrency in 2020. The currency, called 'Globalcoin' would work with a new digital payments system.

Scientists at the University of Illinois have produced fuel for the first time using artificial photosynthesis which involves water, carbon dioxide and visible light.

Melania Trump wears a $3,900 Calvin Klein dress featuring postcards for her flight to

Melania, 49, and her husband, President Donald Trump, 72, will be spending Memorial Day weekend in Tokyo during their four-day state visit that's tied to the enthronement of the new Japanese emperor. Melania donned a white Calvin Klein button-down shirt dress featuring postcards of images from the American West for her flight. The former model had a bit of a Princess Diana moment on the South Lawn of the White House when the breeze hit her dress and caused it to cling to her legs. It was reminiscent of the famous backlit photo of the late royal wearing a see-through skirt, which was taken when she was Prince Charles's girlfriend in 1980 (inset). The president and first lady traveled to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland on Marine One before boarding Air Force One for their flight to Japan. They are the first state guests of Emperor Naruhito, who ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, following his father's early abdication.

Starting next week people in Queensland state will be able to use the Uber app to book a two-person submarine and take a tour of the underwater World Heritage site.

NASA scientists in the US took measurements of its chemical composition and say the ratio of deuterium to hydrogen is similar to in Earth's oceans and could explain how water came to our planet.

These images will serve as a warning to any busybody looking to spy on their neighbors. A woman in the western Colombian area of Risaralda got her head stuck in the metal bars of a door last Saturday.

A newborn baby was found abandoned outside the doors of Darent Valley Hospital, Kent, at 3.15am this morning (Friday). Kent Police are appealing for information to find its mother.

One of Apple's earliest computers launched in 1976 sells at auction for £371,000

The Apple 1 model (main), which is extraordinarily still functioning to this day, was bought at an auction house in London yesterday. When it first hit US shelves more than forty years ago it cost $666.66 (£525) - equivalent to £3,500 in today's money. The model, widely regarded as the first personal computer, has a minuscule 4KB memory and a 1MHz processor (inset). Designed by inventors Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, it was billed as an 'extremely powerful system for anything from developing programs to playing games.'

John Letts, 58, an Oxfordshire farmer, and Sally Lane, 56, a book publisher, are accused of funding terrorism by sending money to their eldest son, Jack, who was in Syria.

The mighty tree near Swansea was 90ft tall and 5m in circumference. Planted in 1842 it was one of Britain's oldest redwoods but was felled with 69 others by builders from Enzo Homes last year

Toni Morton, 25, from Grantham, Lincs, used St Moriz medium tanning mousse to give herself a glow - but was horrified when it turned her skin green, which traumatised her young son.

Shana Grice, reported her ex-boyfriend Michael Lane to Sussex Police officers five times in six months (Family handout/PA)

PC Jon Barry Mills failed to respond to Shana Grice's report of harassment. Her stalking ex-boyfriend Michael Lane would go on to murder the 19-year-old.

Group of middle-aged friends recreate their primary school football team photo 40 years

Former team captain Kevin Bennett was looking through an old photo album when he stumbled across an image, taken in 1979 (top), showing the team in their old blue kit at Excalibur Primary School, in Alsager, Cheshire. He then took it to a friend's surprise 50th birthday party and he and three friends decided to track down the rest of the team using Facebook. Kevin spent four months contacting his old teammates, including some who lived abroad, before organising a reunion.Last week, the team all posed in their kit at Excalibur Primary School to celebrate Kevin turning 50 (bottom).

A monthly injection of erenumab, the first new migraine drug for 20 years, was approved in Scotland in April. But in a blow to more than 500,000 people, NHS watchdog NICE rejected it in England.

Jack Goodwin-Jones, 26, and Becky O'Connell, 25, from Sheffield, travel the world full time and share their adventures on Instagram. The couple admit they have to budget hard to fund adventures

Barack Obama could wait until the Thanksgiving period, which would coincide with the 2020 election, to release his memoir, after Michelle's Becoming benefited from 2018 holiday shopping.

A new medical report reveals that 26-year-old Brazilian model, Tales Cotta Soares, died from a heart disease that ultimately led to pulmonary edema.

Rhiannon Lambert, a Harley Street based nutritionist said that people should focus on 'everything in moderation' and calorie-counting can lead to ignoring key components of nutrition.

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Why 100 years on is Britain doing nothing to remember these magnificent men? Asks ROBERT

ROBERT HARDMAN: Next month is the hundredth anniversary of John Alcock's (inset, left) and Arthur Whitten Brown's (inset, right) first successful transatlantic flight aboard the Vickers Vimy (pictured) from Newfoundland to Clifden, Connemara, County Galway Ireland. So how is Britain honouring this great landmark? Astonishingly (some might say predictably), next month's centenary will go virtually unnoticed. The Science Museum, which owns the original record-breaking aircraft, is doing nothing. Ireland, however, is putting Britain to shame. A week-long festival is planned in Clifden, the delightful Connemara town near their marshy landing spot. Pictured bottom right: Alcock and Whitten Brown are handed a £10,000 cheque, sponsored by the Daily Mail, by Winston Churchill for completing their journey.

Adorable fox is rescued by the RSPCA after getting its head stuck in bin lid outside a

The fox had to be sawed out of the bin lid after it was found on the grounds of Saracens High School in North West London. A hacksaw blade was used by animal collection Officer Mariam Adwan after trying to gently ease him out did not work. She said: 'This juvenile fox had got himself into a real pickle. He was really scared, poor thing. 'Somehow he'd managed to put his head through the hole in the lid of the bin, but then couldn't get out. 'I managed to calm him down and checked whether I could gently ease him out, but his cheeks seemed to be the sticking point. 'This wasn't going to be an easy rescue and I had to to find a solution fast.' Teachers at the school found the fox after its head became trapped on May 17.



Bomb squad carries out controlled explosion after engineers unearth a stash of 70 unexploded 'Dad's Army' grenades that they initially mistook for old milk bottles

A bomb squad had to be called in after engineers made the shocking discovery during routine improvement works in South-West Scotland resulting in a shed exploding into a ball of flames with a a plume of black and white smoke streaming out from either side.

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Bali's Mount Agung erupts and spews lava as volcanic ash spreads across the sky forcing all flights in and out of the island to be cancelled 

Mount Agung volcano (main), in Bali, erupted on Friday, spreading ash across the Indonesian island. Flights in and out of Bali airport have been cancelled. The eruption lasted four minutes and 30 seconds, lava was seen spurting out of the crater and down the slope for three kilometres. Volcanic ash rained (inset) and affected villages in the nearby regions of Karangasem and Bangli but No immediate evacuation was called as the villages are well within the safe zone.




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