The Township of Pickle Lake

The Township of Pickle Lake is located at the end of highway 599 in Ontario. There is something exciting, about “the end of the road”; this phrase alone brings an image of wilderness. Our slogan of “The Last Frontier”, is truly the feeling that you get after you have traveled the distance to reach our community. Pickle Lake is at the end of the paved road, however, you can continue travelling north on a gravel road for several hours. If you should choose to continue on the Nord Road, keep in mind the last services are in Pickle Lake.

We invite you to come and explore the vast untouched virgin Boreal forests. Our boundless wilderness and abundance of wildlife make a trip to Pickle Lake perfect for hunting, fishing and other great outdoor adventures! Visit local camps, fly-in camps, or stay in town for rafting, canoeing and join in other festivities and activities with ‘Pickle Lakers‘. Experience the true north of Ontario!

Township hours of operation: Click here




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