Our benchmark is on October 17th-this is a quiz grade for the 2nd nine weeks. This covers the first three units on  geography, Native Americans and Exploration.

This weekend of September 22nd and 23rd!!!

Richmond is sponsoring their passport to travel through time-many of the places that normally charge are free. See this link for details-maymont.org    enclosed is more information-take a selfie and send it to me for extra credit-100 for a quiz grade!


No Homework for most of you!

Those of you re-taking the test will need to finish your remediation sheet and turn it in on Friday before the test.

Week 3

This week we have a Geography Unit test and a homework due on Friday. This is your first test of the year-make it a super grade!

Week 2!

This week we have homework and a quiz on Wednesday. The quiz is on continents and oceans, major bodies of water and water and land features. Homework is due on Friday.

Welcome to Caroline Middle School!

I have been waiting for you all summer! I am so excited to have you in my class. This is my website -important parts-study guide and games.

This week I will have a Serendipitious Saturday

The Port Royal History Museum at 11:00 -11:30 on April 21st. I will be there-it closes at 2:00-plan to be there for about a half an hour. If you go without me take a selfie and send it to me for extra credit-100 for a quiz grade.

Important dates!

April 27th is our unit test on the Civil War. April 30th will be our project based assessment on the Civil War-this makes a total of 3 test grades on this unit. Our benchmark is on May 17th-please make sure yo are reviewing nightly the earlier material-notebooks will come home on the 27th of April. Also remember that if your child did not pass the benchmark he/she still has homework every week.

Last week and next week.

Last week there was no homework because it was a short week. Next week there will be homework and the benchmark is on Tuesday. Also for extra credit for th last quarter be at the Sydney King Art Center at 11:00 on Satuday.

Week of March 5th

We are moving on to a new unit-The Civil War. We have homework this week but no test unless you are making one  up from being absent or not passing.

USI History at Caroline Middle School

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