This is the home of all things Tommy Mac! See the classic builds from back in the day and check out Tommy’s new project where he combines his skill sets as a woodworker, carpenter and tv producer to help others. Have a look around and leave us a note!



Murder Matters is a new video series hosted by Tommy and his wife Rachel. Murder Matters sheds light on unsolved murder victims by working on a wide variety of DIY projects with their families and friends. To learn more click the link below.



Follow along with Tommy as he tackles simple projects like the Shaker Step Stool or watch 80+ episodes of the Mt Everest of projects, the Bombe Secretary.

Here is a list of video projects:
Bombe Secretary
Federal Table
Shaker Step Stool
Blanket Chest
Bedroom Set
Basic Table Construction
Maple Drop-Front Desk

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2 hours ago

Tommy Mac

🤣 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Tommy Mac

I figure i would share my process and see what you do differently.
1 find the high spot of the floor and set my laser
2 screw boxes together with appropriate shims at the bottom
3 screw boxes together with shims set at the same distance as in the front behind the face frame
4 make sure the boxes are straight and plumb before I shim and screw to the wall studs ..I don’t think I missed anything ? It’s all done 😊
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2 days ago

Tommy Mac

Hi..I am sure this happens to you guys .. Right ? so my brother asked me to do “a little job” it’s a little piddley wall in a bathroom and hang some cabinets . When you see how much money in tools and how many different types of tools and skills needed to simply layout,frame , hang drywall and tape and mud .. plus figuring a stock list, ordering cabinets and picking up all the stock....nothing is just a simple little job 🙂 .. why is it that the general public don’t see the true value of a well rounded craftsman .. mostly .. maybe it’s because there are just too many fly-by-nighters out there .. what is your experiences?? ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Tommy Mac

Mutt Monday ! Let’s see your 4 legged friends favorite treats ! Murphy is loving his frozen apple sauce ... See MoreSee Less



Tommy takes his fine woodworking skills and applies them to home building.

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