• Scott Fry is a Loving Earthling May 19-- What would business look like if instead of the bottom line being bigger is better, or how can we make more money - different questions were asked that are based on relationships to the people, to families, community, that are looking at how we can heal the land, and honor the sacred? Join Nathan Scolero from Dumbo Feather magazine in ...

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  • Skateboard Parks and the Power of Relationship May 18-- Eight years ago, Ulrike Reinhard flew to India for on a business trip. Instead of flying back home, however, she "got stuck" and decided to make India her home. In this interview, Ulrike describes how she was driven to build a skateboard park in the middle of a poverty-ridden village in Madhya Pradesh. Many projects are built with fences and ...

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  • Heroines of Health May 17-- This moving documentary shares "three of the many untold stories that hold the key to unlocking better health for more people around the world." The three women, one a medical doctor and teacher from India, another a midwife assistant from Indonesia, and the third the director of a community health center in Kenya, though worlds apart, share a common journey ...

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  • Humanity's Path to a Flourishing Future May 16-- "I discovered that what makes humans unique is that we--to a greater extent than any other species--have what I call a 'patterning instinct:' we are driven to pattern meaning into our world. That drive is what led humans to develop language, myth, and culture. It enabled us to invent tools and develop science, giving us tremendous benefits but also putting ...

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  • Trailhead May 15-- In their award-winning short film Trailhead, documentary filmmakers Emily Fraser and Henry Weiner offer an exploration of the history and heart behind the creation of hundreds of miles of interconnected wildland trails minutes from downtown Oakland, California. Profiling the volunteer network of hikers, bikers, dog walkers, historians and educators who donate their time to help maintain this cherished place of ...

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  • Who is Mother? May 14-- Matt Hopwood is a writer, storyteller and founder of A Human Love Story. He has traveled widely to gather peoples experiences of love and connection. In 2018 after the death of his beloved grandmother - he wanted to explore the role of mother in our lives and communities. Matt eventually grew the awareness of the sense of Mother in himself. ...

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