A Disposable Counting Chamber for Safe and Hygenic Counting

FastRead 102

Disposable counting chambers

10 separate countinggrids on one plastic disposable slide

FastRead 102 is a 10-chamber counting grid with integral acrylic, optically-clear, coverslip. It is ideal for the quantitation of particulate material in fluids. Applications include water and urine analysis, cell and particle counting.
ReproducibleEach slide has a standardised depth providing accuracy and precision over conventional chambers.
QuickThe chambers are ready for use. No placement of coverslips are required, or time consuming decontamination or rinse procedures
HygienicSlides can be disposed of in accordance with COSHH regulations for the sample preparation and are ideal for “High Risk” samples.
SafeNo sharp-edged coverslip to locate over the chamber before use.
Economical10 chambers per slide.
Segregated chambers

Each chamber is separate, with its own overflow reservoir for excess sample to prevent cross-contamination.

Identification system

Classification of the slides can be made by marking the moulded numbers with a permanent marker pen. The right-hand side is used for identifying used chambers, the left-hand side for numbering the slide. The frosted panel allows for additional labelling.

Sample introduction

Mixed sample is introduced into the chamber as a drop at the Sample Application area (see diagram) using a pipette. Accuracy is improved by using 9ml sample volume and counting more 4x4 grids. Liquid is drawn into the chamber by capillary action. Excess fluid is expelled into the overflow reservoir, leaving the correct volume of fluid over the grids.


Each counting chamber consists of ten 4x4 grids. The volume above each 4x4 grid is 10-4ml (0.1ml). The concentration (counts/ml) is given by:

counts/ml = total counts x 104 x sample dilution (if any)

number of complete 4x4 grids counted

If counting less than one complete 4x4 grid (ie less than 16 squares), use the following calculation (which scales the number of counts to one whole 4x4 grid):

Counts/ml = total counts x 16 x 104 x sample dilution (if any)

no. of individual squares counted

(e.g. use 16 / 5 if only 5 individual quares are counted).

Slide specifications
Overall slide dimensions85 x 40mm
Total 5x2 grid dimension5 x 2mm
4 x 4 grid dimension1 x 1mm
Sample chamber depth0.1mm
Sample chamber volume7ml
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