The Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat (FRAFS) was established by Fraser First Nations and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in 1994 to provide communications and support services to the Fraser Watershed Steering Committee under the Fraser Watershed Agreement.

The Fraser Watershed Agreement has long since expired, but a series of initiatives between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and First Nations in the Fraser River Watershed have maintained the presence of the Secretariat since its inception. FRAFS was hosted by the Shuswap Nation Fisheries Commission (Kamloops) until 2004, at which time the Nicola Tribal Association (Merritt) became the host organization, which it still is today.

The Secretariat provides communications and biological support services to First Nations, and coordinates the Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon and the Fraser Salmon Roadmap (Fraser Salmon Management Agreement) processes. As the numbers of meetings and workshops increase in response to a multitude of initiatives and issues surrounding the management of Fraser River salmon, the Secretariat also plays a key role in coordinating and supporting these initiatives by arranging venues and associated services for both First Nations and DFO.

This website provides a mechanism by which information about Fraser salmon fisheries management processes and initiatives can be shared among the various resource users and fisheries managers working for both government and First Nations organizations. We welcome suggestions and contributions.

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