The ICAM is a web based system designed to provide support to Indiana Local Educational Agencies in meeting the NIMAS regulations of the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act of 2004.

Our mission is to partner with local educational agencies in securing accessible textbooks and core curriculum materials, in specialized formats, for qualifying students with print disabilities.

The ICAM system is owned, maintained, and provided to all Indiana schools by the Office of the Associate Superintendent, the Indiana Department of Education.  Access to the system, technical support, and professional training are provided through the ICAM and PATINS projects without a fee.


Read:OutLoud 6.5

Read:OutLoud 6.5 has been posted on 07/18/14.

New version of Read:OutLoud supports Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9

Read:OutLoud is an accessible text reader that provides below-grade level readers access to the general curriculum. The Read:OutLoud software is made available here by the ICAM under a state-wide license. You must be a registered DRM with the ICAM to download this software.


Click here to download version 6.5


Learning Ally

The ICAM is proud to provide access to Learning Ally, the nation’s largest human-voice recorded accessible instructional materials library of over 80,000+ textbooks, fiction, literature, non-fiction and more for students in grades PK-12, college and beyond with print-disabilities. All public Indiana School Corporations, through their Digital Rights Manager (DRM) may order unlimited Learning Ally materials through the ICAM web-ordering system free of charge.

Read more: Learning Ally


DRM Registration by Superintendents

IDOE guidelines allow a maximum of five Digital Rights Managers (DRMs) per school corporation; charter schools are allowed one DRM per school.

To register a new DRM, a superintendent, or that superintendent’s designee, needs to select the link below and fill in the required fields to add up to five DRMs. It is also important to remove any DRMs who are no longer in service by filling out the Remove DRM section at the bottom of the same form.

Click here to register a DRM


ICAM Large Print Materials Policy Change

Click here to see a message from Daniel McNulty, PATINS Project Director, to Indiana school personnel who serve students with Visual Impairments, concerning large print materials.


Click here to review changes to CCC Forms concerning Large Print materials and potential harmful effects on students with VI.


ICAM Dispatch Blog

Follow this link and subscribe to the new ICAM Dispatch.
We will be posting weekly updates on the new ICAM Ordering Interface, Tips and Tricks on using AIM, 
announcements for upcoming events. Here is another opportunity to

  • Provide helpful feedback on your ICAM experience
  • Share what you know with other teachers/DRMs /Professionals in associated disciplines
  • Ask questions

Help us create an enlightening forum.
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The availability of a viable and robust technical standard for the inclusion of mathematical content in K–12 instructional materials significantly facilitates the creation of valid XML source files containing mathematical content, which in turn will allow these files to be transformed into student-ready versions—such as digital text and braille—that are far more accessible to print-disabled students than the current image-based math files included in NIMAS filesets. For additional information about MathML, see the following:


The NIMAS continues to meet IDEA requirements, but SEAs and LEAs are encouraged to ask publishers to use the MathML3 Sturcture Guidelaines when requesting NIMAS files. For help on including this in contracts with publishers, please contact your PATINS Regional Coordinator or the ICAM.



Agency Partnerships

The ICAM continues to develop partnerships with agencies that share our goal of helping you acquire AIM for your students who have a print disability. Learn more about our services as you peruse these pages.

Visit Don Johnston, Inc - Opens in new window. Visit NIMAC site - Opens in new window


Visit Learning Ally site - Opens in new window


Visit APH - Opens in new window. Visit Louis site - Opens in new window


Visit CAST site - Opens in new window


National Center on Accessible Educational Materials


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