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    with innovative
    and flexible
  • We are the leading
    company in:
    - Vacuum Sealers
    - Bagging Systems
    - Tray Sealers
    - Stretch Wrappers
    - Shrink Wrappers
    - Wet & Dry Heat Systems
  • minipack understands what chefs need.
    What's New
      minipack launches Help Center
    minipack has developed the Help Center in our efforts to constantly improve our customer support.

      minipack introduces HACCP Portal for Special Processes in ROP
    minipack assists you in preparing your ROP HACCP plan, specifically for applications of vacuum packaging, sous vide cooking and cook-chill.

      minipack america introduces Next-Generation of Mail Bag
    The re-designed Mail Bag System provides a flexible and reliable sealing system for the mailing industry.

      minipack america launches YouTube video channel
    Visit the minipack video channel to see demonstrations of shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping, tray sealing, find how-to-videos, etc.


    Explore minipack
      Vacuum packaging for chefs
    Learn here how progressive chefs apply chamber vacuum systems in their kitchens >

      Oil Change instructions
    Click here to find out what type of oil your vacuum sealer needs and how to change it >

      Minipack video channel
    Check out our video channel on YouTube showing our packaging machines >

      Replacement Parts
    Contact us to order spare parts for your minipack packaging machine >


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