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Florence Aid to Students and Teachers of North Carolina
FAST NC is accepting donations to help the state’s public schools as students and educators struggle to return to normal following Hurricane Florence and its impact.

State Superintendent Johnson and President Hans declare February Career Pathways Month
Superintendent Mark Johnson and NC Community College President Peter Hans made the announcement that February is "Career Pathways Month" in North Carolina. This recognition highlights the many great career paths that are available to North Carolina's public school students.

Performance and Academic Growth Data
Information on the performance and academic growth of North Carolina's public schools for the 2017-18 school year is available on DPI’s Accountability and Testing Results webpage, and a summary of the state’s annual accountability report can be found here.
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Edgecombe School Leader Wins 2019 NC Principal of the Year

Three students from North Carolina among the 161 students recognized as the 2019 Presidential Scholars

State Superintendent Mark Johnson announces new school financial transparency website showing how NC schools spend $15.8 billion annually

Moore County 2nd Grade Teacher Wins NC's Top Honors

State Education Leaders Thank Those Who Have Supported FAST NC, the Effort to Aid Schools Affected by Hurricane Florence

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Spirits Soar on School's Special Day
Disabled students at Guilford County’s Haynes-Inman Education Center have the time of their lives during the school’s Outdoor Adventure Day.

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How do I search for available jobs in North Carolina's public schools?

How do I become a teacher/renew my license?

At what age can my child start school?

What information is contained in the student education record and how may parents and students access it?

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