Welcome to Poplars Farm Riding School.

With 35 years of experience, we offer riding lessons to cater for all ages and abilities. We have a range of carefully selected horses and ponies, combined with experienced, well qualified staff to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and beneficial riding experience.



Have a look at the facilities we have on offer at Poplars Farm.



Find information about our lessons here along with the prices.


Meet the Horses

Meet a selection of our horses and ponies which are carefully selected for their ability to provide a safe, pleasurable and valuable ride.



Catch up with all the latest news including riding holiday dates and any changes to opening times.

Recent Feedback

From Heather Gorton | January 2014

"Hi, I had lessons with Mandy 4-5 yrs ago and loved it. Mandy got me hooked and now I have my own horse, Beau, who's a Belgian warmblood. I mainly do dressage with him and we did our first elementary test last night getting 62.4%. Thanks Mandy for being so fantastic. What you taught me has changed my life in so many fantastic ways and thank you Paddy and Tom for being so patient with me when I was just a little bit more lollopy than I am now thanks, Vikki and Beau"

How to find us:

Placeholder Poplars Farm Riding School
Hilderstone Road
Meir Heath

Poplars Farm on Facebook


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