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Small Pop Up Campers: Size Matters

Although small pop up campers have been around for decades, recent trends have led to increasingly big units. Manufacturers like Forest River and Chalet specialize entirely (or almost entirely) in big pop up campers,...

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Lightweight Pop Up Campers

When it comes to featherweight campers, the scale doesn’t go any lower than lightweight pop up campers. In addition to being easier to stow, tow, and handle in general, pop up campers are just light...

winter drive camping

Winterizing a Pop Up Camper

As the nights grow longer, the days go shorter, and the temperature plummets, most campers will hit a tipping point where they simply put their rigs away until the weather turns. There’s still plenty...

weight distribution hitch

Load-leveling and Weight-Distribution Hitches

In a typical towing configuration, there are a handful of numbers that need to be considered, including tongue weight, hitch weight, trailer weight, and the GCWR of the tow vehicle. In order to tow...

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Towing with a Class I Hitch

One of the most frequently asked questions about pop up campers is what type of hitch is needed to tow one. The answer to that question is a little more complicated than a simple...

hard sided pop up campers

Hard Sided Pop Up Campers

As a category of recreational vehicles, pop up campers cover a lot of ground. There’s so much variety within the category that it’s almost hard to put an ultra lightweight pop up camper, like...

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