Read-Right Hemianopic Alexia Therapy

UCL Institute of Neurology | UCL Multimedia

Welcome to Read-Right
WARNING: Some users are experiencing "jittering" when using Read-Right on a Windows computer. We are currently rebuilding a new version of Readright to fix this problem. This is scheduled for release mid in 2019 . Please contact support ( ) if any queries. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Read-Right aims to provide free rehabilitation to patients with Hemianopic Alexia. This is a specific reading disorder related to visual impairment usually caused by a stroke or head injury.

Free Therapy

Read-Right provides a free downloadable therapy which can help to improve reading speeds in patients with Hemianopic Alexia.

An online therapy for patients
with visual search problems

The Stroke Association
The Stroke Association

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