Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, motivating your students to read for pleasure.

Accelerated Maths helps you to personalise maths practice and make data-driven decisions to guide each one of your students to mastery of curriculum-linked skills.

Star Assessments give you accurate, actionable data about what your students know and what they are ready to learn next, informing your planning and teaching.

Star Assessments

Computer-adaptive tests that incorporate learning progressions to bridge assessment and instruction.

Star Reading

A computer-adaptive test for reading for students in Years 2 - 13, built for the new national curriculum.

Star Maths

A computer-adaptive test for maths for students in Years 2 - 13, built for the new national curriculum.

Star Early Literacy

A computer-adaptive test for students with a sight vocabulary of fewer than 100 words.

Core Progress

Learning progressions built for the new national curriculum in collaboration with NFER.

Professional Services

On-site and remote training and professional development tailored to each school’s needs.


Personalised voice-to-voice coaching supported by self-paced tutorials and activities.

Renaissance Place

A cloud-hosted platform that gives teachers instant access to real-time data to improve student outcome.

Accelerated Reader

A guided independent reading programme that motivates students to read for pleasure.

Accelerated Maths

A paper- or web-based programme to move students to mastery of curriculum-linked maths skills.

MathsFacts in a Flash

An online programme to develop automaticity in students’ use of essential maths skills.

English in a Flash

An accessible programme to help English language learners to improve their vocabulary acquisition.

"Our students now have confidence in their reading abilities and trust their own judgment when choosing books for themselves."

Beth Khalil, Thorp Academy

Success stories

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