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TECHADDICTION: Computer, Internet, & Video Game Addiction Treatment

TechAddiction is a treatment center and information service for adults, teens, and children who struggle with controlling their use of technology - which is sometimes referred to as video game addiction or Internet addiction.

We offer effective treatment options (in-person therapy, downloadable self-help guides, etc), practical advice, non-biased research, and useful information to anyone who believes that their excessive use of video games, the Internet, or computers is interfering with the quality of their life. is operated by Dr. Brent Conrad, a clinical psychologist in Halifax, Nova Scotia (and also at the Bedford Psychologists clinic and at Green Leaf Psychological Services in Halifax) who specializes in treating video game and Internet addiction. He is very active on this site and will always take the time to respond to questions, interact in the comments sections, and generally provide assistance in any way that he can.

Instant Downloads

Download "How to Help Children Addicted to Video Games - A Guide for Parents"

children addicted to video games

The most practical, comprehensive, and helpful step-by-step video game addiction treatment book for children and teens.
Now includes free email support from Dr. Conrad!

Download "The Computer, Internet, & Video Game Addiction Workbook"

The world's only workbook style self-help treatment guide for computer, Internet, and video game addiction. Designed to assess excessive computer use, motivate change, and provide clear steps to quickly get computer habits under control.

Visit The Information Centre

help for video game addiction

The TechAddiction library on addictions to video games, computers, and the Internet. Symptoms of addiction, diagnosis, causes, self-tests, advice, and treatment options - it's all here.

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