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LATEST Hi/Lo Reports:

Latest Max temps @ 10:54 AM
19.0°cNorwich Weather Centre
19.0°cStansted Airport
19.0°cLakenheath Royal Air Force Base
19.0°cConingsby Royal Air Force Base
19.0°cBournemouth Airport
19.0°cLondon / Gatwick Airport
19.0°cLondon City Airport

Latest Min temps @ 10:54 AM
13.0°cEglinton / Londonderr
14.0°cKerry Airport
14.0°cDonegal Airport
14.0°cShannon Airport
14.0°cKirkwall Airport
14.0°cCampbeltown Airport
14.0°cBristol / Lulsgate

Latest Windspeeds @ 10:54 AM
21mphLydd Airport
19mphBlackpool Airport
19mphDundee / Riverside
19mphCasement Aerodrome
18mphDonegal Airport
18mphDublin Airport

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Model chat
Follow the spring model chat. Will it calm, sunny and warm - or are gales forecast? You can be assured we will be discussing it!

General Weather
Discuss numerous weather topics or start your own. If you're interested in weather you will find something of interest, historical events and useful educational links.

Weather Photography
Don't keep them to yourself, share and discuss weather photographs in one of the best and friendliest photography forums on
the web. Enter the monthly photo competition, a free and fun event to test you each month.
Thunderstorms & Tornadoes

Keep up to date with the latest convective chat and model discussions. Will you have a chance at seeing thunderstorms, funnel clouds or tornadoes, get the heads up here.
Post your reports here to get them discussed and see who else saw the event.

Space Weather
Discuss photography, aurora, noctilucent clouds, up coming meteor showers, looking for the International Space Station or other
night sky objects & events.

A space for our supportive 'CSOUKS' (Commercial sponsors of UKww) to tell you all about their products and add special offers. New CSOUKS always welcomed, just ask the Managers about the scheme!

UKww is one of the biggest and wide ranging free weather sites in the UK and it's free to join.

Top Right Photograph © Scotty1, 2015
Bottom Right Photograph © ChrisCW, 2015

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Ever wondered who is behind the UKweatherworld management team? You, our members, are the driving force that keeps the forum going. With your input and opinions, we have managed to amass a wealth of knowledge and information that rivals some of the biggest weather forums in the world.

A diverse team of dedicated and hard working individuals make up the UKww management team. Together, we ensure that the site runs smoothly and our members get the most out of the threads and information shared. The management team are responsible for editing, front end content input, technical web design, forum management, the commercial side of UKww and more besides. Much of the work they do is conducted in the background but I would like to take this opportunity to thanks our management and moderator teams for the time they spend voluntarily, ensuring that UKww remains an accessible, useful and easily navigable resource .

So without further ado, please take some time getting to know us all a bit better.

We have put together a page that outlines our own backgrounds and interest in the weather.



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