Welcome to the X9 Owners Club website

The latest generation of club website for owners of any Piaggio X9 or other maxi scooter all found under one URL: http://www.x9ownersclub.co.uk

Originally this was a 'one marque' club but as the X9 is now no longer made, owners have moved on and used X9's have found new owners, so the club has diversified into supporting just about any maxi scooter.

We have a good working knowledge and technical know-how for most popular models.There are forum sections for most maxis where owners can share technical information, but the core activity of the club now has moved onto the organizing of ride out and social gatherings all over the UK (weather permitting!) and anyone is encouraged to join in or even organise an event regardless of what you ride.

The X9 Site  Admin Team


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