Wine & Whiskers

You are invited to our first ever Wine & Whiskers night! Taking place on Thursday, September 12th from 5:30-7:30 at Wide River Winery in the Village of East Davenport, this is a night of amazing local wine, live music, heavy appetizers, animal-loving company and unique silent auction items. Make it a date night or a night out with friends! All proceeds from this event go directly to help the homeless pets under our care.

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We are happy to formally announce that we have signed a new 3-year agreement with the City of Davenport to provide full animal control services & sheltering for local homeless animals in need. With this, we are further committing ourselves to taking care of our neighbors here in the city that we operate. The majority of the 3,500 pets we see every year are from right here in Scott County. This means that every year, thousands of local pets become lost, scared and in need of shelter here where we have over 150 years of collective experience to provide them with what they need. Many of them also rely on us to find them a new loving and responsible family. We have always chosen and will continue to choose to put our community first when it comes to animal well-being, and that is why we have taken a leap of faith into another contract with the City of Davenport, even if it may mean that we are continuing to operate at a financial loss to our organization. We are now counting on our community more than ever to support our shelter through monetary and product donations, volunteerism, event attendance and helping to spread our message about loving and responsible pet ownership.

We strongly believe that our strength today as an organization is to provide animal control services and sheltering to our community as well as finding loving and responsible homes for pets that need them. This means that we take in lost, unwanted or abandoned pets that needs a place to rest, eat, drink and get healthy again-either mentally or physically. We don’t pick and choose who we think will be adopted the quickest or who we think will get us the most shares on Facebook. We take in local animals in need. We believe that every adoptable pet deserves a loving and responsible home, and thousands of pets fit that mold right here in Scott County every year. We handle every type of situation, including dogs that are dangerous and vicious. When it is all said and done, nothing provides us more joy than seeing an animal who came in scared, hungry and confused go home with a smile on their face with someone committing to care for them throughout their lifetime.

A lot has changed at the shelter over the last 5-7 years, and we are proud of the shelter we are building. We have upgraded our facilities, training programs, staff education, foster programs and more, including adding programs which have drastically decreased our euthanasia rate over the last 5 years. We currently operate based on the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare. This is a program developed by the American Association of Shelter Veterinarians. These freedoms state that every animal deserves freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom to express normal behavior and freedom from fear or distress. While providing animal control services, we do, at times need to take in animals who are too sick, too injured and too vicious. When it comes time to make our decisions about an animal’s quality of life, we refer to the 5 Freedoms. We do not and will never euthanize an animal for space.

We appreciate the support our community has given us in the past and today, we are asking you to renew your passion for giving every adoptable pet a second chance and help us serve the community by choosing to support your local animal shelter serving local pets in need.

Thank you for visiting us

We appreciate you taking the time to browse our website.  Whether you are looking to adopt a pet, learn about our events, get educated on pet ownership, or simply looking at photos of animals...we hope you will keep us in mind when choosing to support a local animal shelter. 

As an open admission shelter, we house anywhere from 300-350 animals at any given time, all with different needs and circumstances.  We rely on community members like to support us through donations, adoptions, volunteerism and helping spread our message. If you have any questions while browsing this site about how you can get involved, do not hesitate to send us a note or give us a call.


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