Hello, what kind of care do you need?

Use the links on the right to get advice about when and how to use these NHS services.

At Home
Self-care - Look after yourself
Advice on self-care, symptom checkers, details of web and telephone services, leaflets and videos about what to do when you or someone you care for is ill.
In your area
NHS Health Services - In your area
Details of all NHS local services including pharmacies, service chooser, GP practices and how to use your 24 hour GP service.
At Hospital
At Hospital - In an emergency
Advice on when to go to the hospital and when to use 999/A&E.
At Home
Self-care - Look after yourself-
In your area
NHS Health Services - In your area -
At Hospital
At Hospital - In an emergency -
Home Image
choose well Choose the right care

For more information, help and support go to www.choosewellmanchester.org.uk or visit NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk

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