• 2:30pm - 4:46pm The Harbour Screen : North by Northwest (PG)
  • 8pm - 10:25pm The Harbour Screen : Minority Report (12A)
  • 11am - 12:43pm Home Alone (PG)
  • 2pm - 4pm Live Music : Nick Lawrence
  • 8pm - 11pm Live Music : Sound / Waves
  • 8pm - 9:57pm Spider-Man / Into The Spider Verse (PG)
  • 10am - 5pm Harbour Arm Sunday Markets
  • 12pm - 3pm SunDay Service! DJ + Live Drumming
  • 8pm - 9:45pm The Harbour Screen : They Shall Not Grow Old
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The Harbour Arm is OPEN

The Folkestone Harbour Screen is now open! Buy tickets below.



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Folkestone Harbour Arm: The Place to Be

Folkestone’s newly restored Harbour Arm is open daily; a promenade out at sea with a World-class view.

It is a place for food and drink, as well as one of enjoyment of the town’s heritage and history. Open every day for walking - with a variety of food, music and entertainment on offer at the weekend.

Opening Hours

Open for promenading 7 days a week, dawn to dusk.

The Folkestone Harbour Screen is now open! Buy tickets here. 

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