Visit our Calendar of Events and see what’s happening around Nova Scotia!

Where to Cycle in Nova Scotia will be available for for purchase at many local bike shops across the province! Come back soon to see a map of Bike Shops carrying our guidebook.


This is the place to find out what’s happening in the cycling community around Nova Scotia. This is also where you can post your own events!


Click here for all things racing. This is where you can learn what races are happening, what you need for insurance, and how to get involved in a vibrant racing community.

Clubs & Shops

This is where you will find links to all the cycling clubs around Nova Scotia. Learn more about who is doing what and when group rides take place. Also, find and support our local bike shops!

Where to Ride

We have been putting together some maps on where to road ride in Nova Scotia. We’ll be adding more in the coming months. Get out there and explore!

Women on Wheels (WoW)

Women on Wheels (WoW) is a program focused at getting senior women out on their bikes through education, support, and by building community. Click here to see upcoming WoW events.

Blue Route

The Blue Route is growing and is now at 437km! Check out the website for more information and how to get involved.

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Do you have an event to promote?

Follow the link to post to our calendar!

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Bicycle Nova Scotia
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