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travel agentIn today's world, things seem to change so fast. From Travel Insurance rates, to visa & passport information, a Travel Agent becomes increasingly important in helping you make the right travel decisions. That is why, at Hanover Holidays we recommend that you book your Hanover Holiday Tour package, through your local Travel Agency. Understanding what is included and how your tour will operate, is the best way to achieve a perfect holiday. These professionals have a wide range of knowledge and experience to assist in answering all of your questions, which we know will help you get the most enjoyment from your tour!



tour directors 2019

Each one of our Tour Directors has chosen this profession based on a love of showing people new and different places! Every year this group of fine professionals attends a company training event where they learn about the latest industry developments and standards. They also share ideas and provide input into the design of each Hanover Holiday tour. As they conduct their own research and prepare their own commentaries for the tours, they are always working to provide you with the very best travel experience!!

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