A view of the Louisiana State Capitol from the sky The Louisiana House of Representatives remembers former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who passed away on Sunday. As the first woman to serve as Governor of the great state of Louisiana, she will forever be remembered throughout history as not only a great teacher and leader but as a kind and loving woman.
A view of the Louisiana State Capitol from the sky A view of the Louisiana State Capitol from the sky. Picture taken by local photographer and videographer Erwin Marionneaux.
Capitol steps Capitol steps. The 49 steps leading to the first floor bear the names of the fifty states in order of admission to the Union.
Rapides Parish Fitness Team Reps. Mike Johnson, Ed Larvadain and Lance Harris recognize the 2019 Rapides Parish Fitness Team for becoming repeat champions. This is the team’s fourth consecutive record-setting championship.
Convened at Noon, April 8, 2019; Adjourned by 6:00 PM, June 06, 2019


LOUISIANA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES   Capitol Directions   BOX 94062 (900 NORTH 3RD STREET)   BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA 70804      House Facebook page         House Twitter         

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