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Wembley Stadium

Section 501, Row 13, Seat 30

Chelsea F.C., Southampton FC

Great view,right on halfway line, kept the atmosphere all round. Couldn’t have...

~ Haynes

Fratton Park

Section R, Row V, Seat 143

Portsmouth FC, Sheffield United
~ Hackey

The O2 Arena

Section 106, Row N, Seat 198

Take That, Wonderland Live Tour


~ Twiggy

Meadow Lane

Section X3, Row E, Seat 70

Notts County FC, Sheffield Wednesday

Close to the action. Can be difficult to make out what's happening if the play i...

~ sjp_85

Principality Stadium

Section L28, Row 15, Seat 14

Wales, Scotland

Wales v Scotland 13th Feb 2016. Opening ceremony with roof closed.

~ tybach

Stamford Bridge

Section The Shed End lower, Row 15, Seat 79

Chelsea FC, Swansea
~ xaluss

Etihad Stadium (Manchester)

Section 109, Row L, Seat 201

Manchester City FC, Chelsea F.C.

Wembley Stadium

Section 124, Row 42, Seat 45

Manchester City FC, Sunderland A.F.C.

Bramall Lane

Section Kop Stand Gangway G, Row Y, Seat 182

Sheffield United, Port Vale FC
~ Hackey

Hillsborough Stadium

Section WL4, Row J, Seat 94

Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa
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Erie Insurance Arena

Section 118, Row C, Seat 12

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West End

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