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    Investing in their health.
    Committed to their future.

    Since 1985 we are continuously making advances in psittacine captive breeding, nutrition and research.

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    Lifetime Food for Parrots

    Tropican® Lifetime Extruded Food provides proper daily nutrition for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

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    Hand-Feeding Food for Parrots

    Tropican® Hand-Feeding Food for parrots provides proper daily nutrition for baby parrots up to fledgling.    

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    Cockatiel & Lovebird Enrichment Food

    Tropimix for Cockatiels and Lovebirds is a 100% edible food mix full of exotic grains, legumes, peanuts, fruits and nutritionally balanced Tropican granules.


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Tony Silva Reviewing HARI Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula

Avian product specialist Melanie Allen and aviculturist and ornithologist Tony Silva talk about consistency, quality, and ease of feeding of Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula developed by HARI
Learn more about Tropican
Learn more about Mark Hagen’s Research on Tropican Hand-Feeding Formula
Where to buy in-store or online
About Tony

Importance of Salt (Sodium Chloride) in Bird Food

Many companion bird caretakers read ingredient labels and are concerned when they see an inclusion of salt (sodium chloride) in their bird’s favorite extruded foods. However, in order to survive, salt is an essential mineral required by birds, as it is by all living animals. Follow our feeding guide to ensure complete balanced nutrition for your companion bird.

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